Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking an opportunity to go the extra mile and possess the character traits that put them on the path to success. They go outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to new heights. However, there are some detrimental behaviors that can counteract the positive habits they have set in place. This list is just as important, especially for those aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs. They should be aware of the actions they should stay away from. Here are some of the things successful entrepreneurs should never tolerate.



As mentioned previously, these successful people are looking to go the extra mile. That cannot happen if they are sitting around doing nothing. Entrepreneurs should never tolerate inertia because they are constantly pushing towards something new. Remaining stagnant and complacent will only bring you down and lead you towards a direction opposite of success. Time is the most valuable resource you have because it is not renewable. Entrepreneurs recognize that life is too short to waste time with inaction and consistently focus on what they can do right now to continue moving forward rather than backward.


Being Average

Entrepreneurs never want to settle for being ordinary—they seek greatness. Billy Alsbrooks said, “mediocrity is a foreign language to a champion.” It is simply unacceptable. They refuse to live a routine life and strive to keep things fresh and interesting. This often means that they are constantly making changes to their routine, even if the changes are small. They realize that any kind of positive change spurs more creativity and helps them push past their boundaries. Having that flexible mindset allows them to rise above the average lifestyle and make the tough choices that will propel them closer to their ultimate dreams.



People who are focused on success, especially entrepreneurs do not have time for negativity, and they do not tolerate it from themselves or others. They realize that negativity will only hold them back. Complaining about your situation is pointless unless you get up and do something about it and the most successful entrepreneurs know this. They recognize that if you do not like something, you have the power the change it, but only if it truly matters to you. So, they do not waste their time whining about things that do not go their way, and rather they take control of the situation and find a way to change it in their favor. Negativity creates a toxic environment and leaves no room for growth.