A healthy and balanced whole-foods diet, along with regular physical activity, is the foundation of maintaining good health. Balanced nutrition includes incorporating an adequate amount of each of the macronutrients. So you will want to incorporate high-quality proteins, nutritive carbohydrates, healthy fats, and water. You should look to limit processed foods and alcohol. There are so many benefits to maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. It will help you keep up with your body’s everyday functions, and promote optimal weight management. Here are some of the other benefits of keeping a balanced diet.



The calories you take in are the unit of measure that your body stores for energy. This energy helps with every function of the body like your thoughts, physical activity, growth and how your body heals. Foods that contain an equal amount of calories and nutrients are necessary for a balanced diet, according to Medline Plus. The building blocks of energy include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The carbs are broken down into glucose. Glucose provides raw energy that you may use immediately, or your body will store it in the muscles for later. It is important to focus on consuming complex carbohydrates, primarily nutrient-dense vegetables. Simple non-nutritive carbs such, as white flour and sugar are high in calories, and not only low in nutrients but can also cause unhealthy swings in glucose and insulin that, over time, can promote disease, such as Type II diabetes.


Mood and Mental Health

Not only can a healthy diet lead to better performance by the body, but it also aids in the overall performance of the brain as well. In fact, the U.S Department of Agriculture reported that foods that are high in antioxidants help to promote the generation of neurons into old age and improves the ability of the existing brain cells to communicate with each other which ultimately results in improved cognitive functioning. A balanced diet can also lower the incidence of depression, anxiety disorders, and dysthymia as opposed to the usual “Western” diet that is high in sugars and processed foods.


Disease Prevention

Poor diets have been associated with diseases like diabetes, heart disease and specific types of cancer. Trans-fats may also cause atherosclerosis, a serious risk factor for cardiac arrest and stroke. The American Cancer Society reported that processed meats, fried meats, along with alcohol could cause an increase in the risk for specific types of cancer like colon or liver cancer. So it is important eat foods from whole-foods sources to ensure that your body has the proper nutrients required to try to avoid health issues.