In the workplace, there are times when projects seem to have no end in sight; employees may struggle to meet deadlines and conflicts arising from customers or other co-workers can increase stress. The magnitude of stress that these problems place on employees may cause frequent absences. A Canadian company that specializes in workplace health solutions reported that an investment in a workplace gym could yield a return of up to ten dollars for each dollar spent on employee health due to the significant reduction in absenteeism and overall health benefits. A workplace gym can provide healthy, reliable and energized employees for those employers who are willing to invest in the initial expense . Here are some of the other benefits of having a workplace gym.


Less Stress

In most workplaces, employees will spend a majority of their day sitting at a computer screen. Doing so can lead to neck, back, wrist, and arm fatigue which are huge contributors to physical stress. Exercise can help to relieve this physical stress from being sedentary and the fatigue of certain muscle groups. Clinical studies have proven that workers can sleep better after exercise and have been able to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure levels through a regular exercise plan. The less stress employees feel, the higher their morale will be while they are in the office. Including a workplace gym could just the thing needed to help the workers have something they can turn to when things are getting overwhelming.



Employees who work out together are able to get to know each other better which can breed more camaraderie in the office, and that is always a plus. Social support is a major factor when it comes to exercise and having your colleagues participating in a workout program with you can help keep them accountable and boost their efforts. Having a workplace gym allows employees interact with each other outside of the stress-induced work environment and better relationships can promote a positive company culture, allowing workers to feel a greater sense of loyalty to their fellow co-workers and their employer.


Better Work Performance

Regular exercise can help release the kinds of hormones that promote greater productivity. by having an onsite fitness center, employees can utilize the facility during their work day to give them a boost and more energy for the remainder of the day, even if it’s a brief session used to focus on breathing and stretching exercises.  Since many current and prospective employees value a company that offers these types of lifestyle amenities, companies may be able to retain and attract more employees by having an onsite fitness facility.