Depending on your job, your office might seem like a second home, especially considering you spend a majority of your time there. For this reason, it is imperative that you feel comfortable in your workplace.

Unhappiness within your work environment can carry over into your personal life, damaging your self-esteem and friendships. It is important that you recognize the signs that you are working in a toxic environment. Once you do, you will want to evaluate whether or not the situation can be remedied, or if you need to consider moving on with your career. Take a look at these signs that indicate you are in a toxic work environment.


Poor Communication

A lack of communication is a common sign of most toxic workplaces. You may frequently feel out of the loop regarding important information. You may also receive little to no feedback about your work performance, and when you do, it is mostly negative and not constructive. Not having a clear idea of how your superiors measure your performance is a quick way to be set up for failure. Minimal transparency and communication about work objectives in the company up and down the hierarchy is also indicative of a lack of mutual respect, thus preventing the company from flourishing.


Inconsistent Rules

A quick way to spark mutiny at the workplace is through a lack of basic fairness. There could be situations where one person is scolded for the same behavior that got another person a promotion. Employees then feel like there is no clear rubric on advancement, and it promotes the notion of favoritism.

If a supervisor establishes certain rules for the workplace, you expect that these rules apply to everyone in the office. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you notice people are getting away with actions that others are being reprimanded for, then it is a sign that there is clear dissention within the office and you may want to consider moving on to a company where fairness is recognized.


Tyrannical Boss

A tyrannical boss is one who is constantly trying to control your every move, giving you little to no freedom to be creative. These types of bosses are usually waiting for you to mess up so they can pounce on and reprimand you. They are not willing to listen to the opinions of others and usually have a “my way or the highway” mentality. It can be very challenging working for someone with this kind of personality, as they can prevent you from growing in the company. Make sure to be aware of these signs of a toxic boss because they can make coming into work unbearable.