Failing in life is inevitable. Everyone is going to experience some kind of failure and it can be quite the crushing experience. However, the thing that will make you successful is how you respond and bounce back after you fail. Robert Allen once said, “There is no failure. Only feedback.” Anytime you face obstacles, you have the choice of letting them be the excuse for your failure or the story behind your success. You need to adopt the right attitude and when you do, failure can actually be a great teacher. In fact, the way failure can interrupt your routine gives you the opportunity to take a step back and explore new solutions. However, you need to have the right attitude.

Life will teach you some of the toughest lessons, but if you are willing to learn from them, you can truly move closer to seeing success. Here are some of the harshest lessons life will teach you.


The First Step

Whenever you want to achieve something important, you will find that taking the first step is going to be daunting and even frightening. However, once you make that step, all that fear and anxiety dissipate in the name of action. The only thing that is different between those who dive in headfirst to taking that first step and others, is that they have learned that doing so can yield great results. They have recognized that the pain of getting started is inevitable so it is best to do so early because procrastinating will only prolong the suffering.


Being Busy Does Not Always Mean Being Productive

Think about those that are around you, especially those who seem the busiest. You will notice that many of them are going from meeting to meeting and sending a number of emails. However, how many of them are actually producing and succeeding at a high level? Success does not always come from movement and activity, rather it comes from focus and making sure that you are using your time efficiently and productively. Everyone gets the same number of hours every day, so you must use yours wisely. Remember, you are the product of your output and not your effort, so make sure your effort is dedicated to tasks that will yield results.


Not Everyone Will Support

The truth is that most people will not support you at all. In fact, some people will hold you back with negativity, passive aggression, or jealousy. None of this should matter because it is as Dr. Seuss says, “those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.” It is almost impossible to get support from everyone, and we can’t spend all our time and energy trying to win over the people who don’t support us. So, let go of the opinions of those who don’t matter as it will free up time and energy to devote to those who do matter.