As a society, we rely heavily on our smartphones. Given the rise of technology, smartphones can be used for almost anything. However, our over-dependence for these gadgets can actually do more harm than good when we allow them to dictate how we use our time. As time goes by, our productivity begins to decrease due to all the time we spend on our smartphones. According to recent data, the average person spends about 5 hours per day on their mobile device. This is a twenty percent increase when compared to the fourth quarter of 2015.

As we think about the damage this has on our productivity; there is research from the University of Texas that has suggested that we are less intelligent when our phones are within sight. Now, this does not have to be the case and here are some tips to help you turn your smartphone into a self-improvement machine.


Set Tech Limitations

We all recognize that it is unhealthy to spend massive amounts of time on our smartphones without any clear purpose. So, it is important to set a daily limit for yourself regarding your smartphone use. You should try to set strict limitations for technology use throughout the day, and this should include texts and emails. So, by doing so, you would be disabling notifications for everything aside from incoming calls. Some options that you have is to do quick checks every couple of hours for a few minutes. This tactic will help you have more focus towards the tasks at hand.


Utilize A Smart Note-Taking System

David Allen, who is the author of Getting Things Done, compares our brains to a computer. Essentially like most computers, when your brain reaches capacity, it fails to function properly. A solution that Allen mentions is by uploading your thoughts onto some form of technology through a note-taking system, and your phone is the best place to start. For those with an iCloud account, the notes on your phone will automatically sync to your computer notes.


Take Advantage of Reminders

We have established that smartphones and the apps we have on them can be a huge distraction to most people. However, once you begin limiting the time spent using them, and use a reminder app, then you can let your phone help you to focus on the things you need to be doing. A couple of easy ways to start is to activate Siri or Google Assistant to dictate what you need to be reminded of. It is important to create a habit of using reminders, so try and do so for everything for a week. You can set reminders for walking the dog, paying the bills, or even when you plan on going to the gym. This can help you from missing any important events or tasks.